Syrian Day of Action

Plea for Help from Amnesty Scotland – We are looking for people to help us with an action THIS Saturday (Saturday 28th July) to highlight the fact that it is 500 days since the uprising in Syria began. We need 24 people – the amount of people who have died every day since the brutal crackdown began. The action till take place outside the Russian Embassy – 58, Melville St., Edinburgh, EH3 7HF, UK – at 10am.

If you could turn up at 9:50am with MENA t-shirts if you have them (if you don’t, it doesn’t matter we have some), that would be brilliant. Will be well and truly done by 10:30am.

If you can help, please email and let her know you can make it (as soon as possible please).


GU Amnesty @ Pride 2012

Pride yesterday was great; good fun, brilliant atmosphere! Thanks to all who came along, we’re proud of you all 🙂

You can also see the photos on Google+ and Facebook


Refugees and the Arms Trade: Running Away From the Problem

If any of you are like me and still kicking around Glasgow (or even still on campus) and missing the weekly Amnesty goodness you might enjoy this event by Amnesty Scotland next Friday at 1745 in the GUU:

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Support a Bullet-Proof Arms Trade Treaty

Monday 13th February, Boyd Orr LT D, University of Glasgow, G12 8QQ
Wanted – a bulletproof global Arms Trade Treaty

Scottish arms control campaigner, David Grimason, will be joined by politicians, campaigning organisations and activists at Glasgow University on Monday 13 February, to launch Amnesty Scotland’s campaign for a global Arms Trade Treaty.

David Grimason, who has pushed for tighter controls on the arms trade since his two year old son Alistair was shot and killed in a Turkish cafe in July 2003, will speak about his experiences and involvement in nearly ten years of arms control campaigning.

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The Secret Policeman’s Ball

The Secret Policeman's Ball


The Secret Policeman’s Ball on The Skinny

For the third year running, the Glasgow University Amnesty International group is holding their very own Secret Policeman’s Ball, the long-running benefit show regularly held for human rights. The prestigious AIUK show has hosted such acts as Peter Cook, Monty Python and the Mighty Boosh alongside many impressive others.

The work that Amnesty International does is vital in the fight against human rights abuses all over the world. In celebration of the 62nd anniversary of the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the university group is hosting a night of comedy, laughter and high-jinks, with events in previous years winning numerous awards.

Saturday 22nd of January will see the Queen Margaret Union host such well-known Scottish names as 2009 Scottish Comedian of the Year Finalist Chris Henry, our double Bafta Award winning compere, Billy Kirkwood and our television and radio presenting head-liner, Des Clarke.

Doors open at 7.30pm on 22nd January at the Queen Margaret Union, University Gardens. Tickets are £5 and are available from the QMU box office, as well as online via

Last Meeting Tonight + Troy Day This Friday

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is keeping steady and warm during this freezingness. Tonight is our last meeting of the semester so if anyone fancies a study break and partaking in a wee quiz and some making of greetings cards then skate down at 5pm, QMU, as usual.

Friday 10th December: Troy Day, 11.30am, Queen Street Station.
Fingers crossed we can get across to Edinburgh on Friday for the Troy Davis demonstration. All information at this link:

Anyone who is coming please let me know so we have an idea of who shall be joining us. Either reply on here or text me on 07842094672.

Thanks and good luck to everyone with deadlines and exams.

Flash Mob Finalised Plans

Hello everyone!

So, after deciding last night that we would postpone the flash mob again because of the forecast rain, it’s (typically!) not rained at all today!

Never mind, Flash mob this Friday 5th November, 11am-2pm. Forecast is for dry weather so let’s all cross our fingers and toes and go implement all the hard work we’ve put in over the past few weeks making props and getting prepared! I for one will be there no matter what, i promise, promise Friday is the day!

This e-mail is a plea for folk to let me know when they’re available on Friday so i can draw up a wee rota.

The Plan:

On the hours of 11am,12pm and 1pm as many of us as possible will commune on the library hill to flash mob for a 2 minute period with our masks/banners and traffic lights set up.

Those who then have lectures within the main hour can head off and those who are free for half an hour slots can stay around collecting petition signatures.

Be great if there’s quite a lot of us for the 2 minute stints as we’ll make a much larger impact!

So pop me a line, saying whether you’re free on the hour for 2 mins and then in the time slots of:

  • 10.30am, QMU, to help collect the traffic lights and set them up in time for the first mob.
  • 11am-11.30am
  • 11.30am-12pm
  • 12.30pm-1pm
  • 1pm-1.30pm
  • 1.30pm-2pm.

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Guest Speaker On Tuesday

House of Sharing

House of Sharing

Armando Rotondi will be speaking about the House of Sharing in Korea at our meeting on Tuesday 19th.

The House of Sharing is both a museum and home to former “Comfort Women” – survivors of sexual slavery at the hands of the Japanese military during the Asia-Pacific War (1932-1945). It is the world’s first human rights museum centred on the theme of sexual slavery. The museum opened on August 14th, 1998 to record Japanese war crimes, to restore the honor of the victims and to function as a place of historical education

Come along to learn more about this great project!

The image is a painting of a ‘comfort station’, you can see more paintings like this one and read about the the House of Sharing on their website:

Back To Childhood Party

Thanks to everyone who came to our ‘Back To Childhood’ party yesterday which was aimed at raising awareness of child soldiers. It was a fun night. There were many interesting and original costumes on display – the winner of the competition was Buzz Lightyear for effort and originality. Special mention to the two Indiana Joneses. It was great to see the effort people put into their costumes, and it gave the party a very fun atmosphere. We had a correct guess at how many sweeties were in the jar (611), and the raffle gave out six prizes. We hope the winners enjoy them.

Thanks to Rachel and everyone who organised the party, helped out, asked friends to come along, or even minded the door. Your work is appreciated.

We have two other big events coming up in the next week or two: we are having a sleep-out in front of the Wolfson Medical Building (to raise awareness of refugees); and a ceilidh, both of which we are doing in association with S.T.A.R. Watch this space for more information on both of these events.

Two More Stall Pics

I was sent some more pictures of the stall, which include a close-up of our very own hand made cage + pipe cleaner figure. These may go on sale again in the future, but be sure to get there quickly when they do – they are very popular!

(click on the pictures for a larger image)

Cage close-up:

Cage and Pipe Cleaner Figure Closeup

Another shot:

Another Stall Pic