Glasgow To Edinburgh On Two Wheels

May 28, 2010 in events, photos by Rob Hallam

We made it! 60 miles, and we got to Edinburgh (eventually!). There were a couple of setbacks (puncture, mangled wheel), but we avoided major disaster and no-one fell in the canal. We were raising money for the Glasgow Unity Centre, which does great work in providing asylum seekers and refugees with invaluable services.

Amnestea In The Park

May 26, 2010 in events, main, photos by Rob Hallam

As an end-of year event, we had a tea party / picnic in Kelvingrove Park in the glorious sunshine, modelled on the Amnestea parties Amnesty has been organising. It was such good fun it was tentatively decided we will have another one next year!

Updates And Tonight

May 4, 2010 in information, news by Rob Hallam

Last weeks AGM elected the following as the new committee for GU Amnesty 2010-11

President: Megan Bailey
Vice President: Catriona Reilly
Secretary: Claudia Madruga
Treasurer: Jen Conway
Fundraising Co-ordinator: Catherine Wright
Website Convenor: Robert Hallam
Ordinary Board Member: Claire Rooney

Congratulations to all the new members. Judging by the speeches it sounds like next year will be a very exciting time to be in Amnesty again!

And thanks very much to everyone who came along to show their support..

Tonight’s meeting: I know you will all be frazzled with exams, but for a little break and a bit of alternative brain expansion we will be screening ‘Blood Diamond’ (or as much of it as we can show, with a ‘to be continued’ promise)

Best wishes,