Updates And Tonight

May 4, 2010 in information, news by Rob Hallam

Last weeks AGM elected the following as the new committee for GU Amnesty 2010-11

President: Megan Bailey
Vice President: Catriona Reilly
Secretary: Claudia Madruga
Treasurer: Jen Conway
Fundraising Co-ordinator: Catherine Wright
Website Convenor: Robert Hallam
Ordinary Board Member: Claire Rooney

Congratulations to all the new members. Judging by the speeches it sounds like next year will be a very exciting time to be in Amnesty again!

And thanks very much to everyone who came along to show their support..

Tonight’s meeting: I know you will all be frazzled with exams, but for a little break and a bit of alternative brain expansion we will be screening ‘Blood Diamond’ (or as much of it as we can show, with a ‘to be continued’ promise)

Best wishes,