The Guantanaman Journey

September 28, 2008 in photos by Rob Hallam

A visual journey.

by megiana

Big Fun Run

September 26, 2008 in events by megiana

Hey guys,

Firstly, it was great to see so many of you at our first meeting yesterday. All your ideas were amazing and im very very excited for the upcoming year! My plan is to put together a raise off team in order to get everyone who wants to be as involved as possible. This will hopefully be happening within the next few weeks so watch this space!!

Next, as im sure you’re all aware (it has been plugged enough!) our first event this year will be the big fun run on the 4th of October. It’s fantastic that so many of you want to come along and be involved, either by running or by cheering! It looks to be a really fun and most importantly really awarenenss raising day!

For those of you who are lovely enough to be giving up your Saturday to come cheer us on, we will need to be at the event for half ten and so i propose we all meet outside the QMU at 9.45 (eek) so we can head over to bellahousten park together. Anyone who knows where it is and wants to make there own way there thats great too! I just ask that anyone who is meeting at the QMU to let me know so we dont leave without you!

For those of you who have so wonderfully offered to run, im afraid there is an entry fee of ร‚ยฃ7.50. I realise we are all students and this is quite a lot to ask so please dont feel pressure (louder cheers will be ace!) However, if you would still like to run the following link will allow you to register:

Sponsor forms are available to download on the amnesty uk website or to make life easier i have a bundle of them that i will bring to next weeks meeting.

Thank you so much