We are in the process of collecting FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), so that anyone with a common query can find an answer on here. These are things like “What do you do in meetings?”, “What socials do you have?” or “Do you have any events other than weekly meetings?”; things that old hands know the answers to but are useful for new members who have joined or are interested in joining to know.

We are coming up with the initial set of FAQs just now, but if you have a question or a suggestion for a FAQ (even if you know the answer!), please add it using the form below! Thanks.

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    1. Siobhan McGeechan says:

      Hi GU Amnesty, in light of the decision not to indict Darren Wilson for the murder of Mike Brown in Ferguson, I was wondering whether you were planning any solidarity marches, or know of anyone who is? I know a protest took place in London last night, but I haven’t heard of anything happening in Glasgow yet.

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