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Results of AGM

March 23, 2011 in information by megiana

Hi GU Amnesty,

Thank you to everyone who came along to the AGM tonight. It was great to have so much enthusiasm for next year – I can only imagine the group going from strength to strength. Congratulations to you all!

Results are as follows:

President – Catherine Wright
Vice President – Sophie Kortenbruck
Secretary – Jessie Duncan
Treasurer – Martin Lennon
Fundraising Coordinator – Daniel Brown
Campaigns Coordinator – Elena Soper
Publicity Officer – Keleigh Morrison
Website Convener – Robert Hallam
Ordinary Board Members – Debbie White and Jane Miller

Well done to you all, we will arrange a mass committee hand over for sometime after everyone’s exams.

Also a huge congratulations to Daniel Brown and Sophie Kortenbruck for receiving the statuses of Amnesty King and Queen 2010/2011! This was due to their continuous dedication, effort and general loveliness this year – very well deserved.



I would also like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to everyone in the group. The year has been hugely successful and we are currently in the lead for the raise-off with a whopping total of £2837.50! Everyone has worked continuously hard and it’s most certainly paid off!

Please note, there will be no more meetings this term. I will send out details regarding meetings for after Easter but as it will be exam period this will perhaps only be one or two to organise our final events of the year.

Our remaining events are as follows:

Wednesday 30th March: Protect The Human Gig (take 2). The 13th Note, 8pm, £4.!/event.php?eid=193415047359098

Week beginning 23rd May (exact day TBC around people’s preference): Annual sponsored cycle from Glasgow to Edinburgh

Amnestea: Tea, Cakes ad socialising, will be trying to get a poll together for a preferred date: see

Good luck for the upcoming studying and exams everyone!

Thank you and best wishes,

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AGM Tonight!

March 22, 2011 in events by megiana

Hi everyone,

Just a reminder that tonight is our AGM. Please come along to either stand for a position or use your vote and ensure we get a good strong committee for next year.

AGM: Tonight, 5pm, committee room 1, QMU
Immediately after: 6.15pm, end of term social, Common Rooms, Byres Road, food provided and drinks on tap!

The meeting will run as follows:

* Opening with presidents review followed by the treasurers report.
* The elections for next years committee will then take place in the following order:

2)Vice president
5)Fundraising coordinator
6)Campaigns coordinator
7)Publicity officer
8)Website convener
9)Ordinary board member

* Anyone wishing to stand will be asked to say a few words and then leave the room for voting to take place.
* The evening shall be finished up with some closing words and finally we have a wee surprise!

Immediately after the meeting we shall be having our end of term social. Common Rooms on Byres road

Even if you can’t make the AGM do come and join us at the social and anyone running off to STAR, we’ll still be there after 7 so come on down!



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Week Beginning 14 March

March 14, 2011 in events, information by megiana

Dear Amnestiers,

Firstly, for those of you who missed last weeks meeting, we were joined by Martha Wardrop from the Glasgow Green party. We were able to discuss some of the Scotland specific human rights issues and Claudia has written out a brief overview of her views. See below if you’re interested.

In the coming weeks:

* Tuesday 15th March: The Humanitarian crisis in Gaza: a forum. 5pm-7pm. Boyd Orr, Lecture theatre E (room 611)

* Tuesday 22nd March: AGM – the chance to run for/exercise your democratic right to vote in next years committee.

* End of term social for committee hand over, immediately after the AGM, 6pm, Common Rooms, Byres road.

The Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza: a forum

Israeli military offensive aftermath in the Gaza Strip

Join GU Amnesty International for a formal discussion on this issue. Our Guest Speakers are:

• Greg Philo – Glasgow university Sociology department. Providing background information on the crisis.
• Antonios Tzanakopoulos – Glasgow University Law department. Speaking about international war crimes.
• Kathy Galloway – Head of Christian Aid Scotland. Discussing the impact of the humanitarian crisis.

There will then be an opportunity for questions and discussion – followed by biscuits and refreshments!

Amnesty International believe that the situation in Gaza should be referred to the International Criminal Court (ICC), as we call to pave the way for the UN Security Council to make such a referral.

The forum hopes to highlight some of these issues and provide an opportunity to call on the ICC before the next meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Council on the 21st March 2011.

For more information see

Martha Wardrop Overview

Martha Wardrop – a brief (not exhaustive) summary of Tuesday’s meeting

Ms. Wardrop from the Green Party started off the meeting by giving us some background on her educational, volunteering and political life. She is a member of Amnesty International, is involved in Women’s Aid and actively campaigns against nuclear weapons, and particularly against the replacement of Trident.

Among the topics discussed were:

Human trafficking – she mentioned the existence of some organisations in Scotland that deal with victims of trafficking.

Gypsy travellers – Her views on the traveller community were towards the promotion of non-discrimination. According to Ms. Wardrop, the latter can be improved through the media, education, more funding (to, among others, allow for more available sites). She also views as important to give the gypsy travellers priority in terms of available land, instead of selling it to property developers.

Ms. Wardrop is strongly in disagreement with the use of tasers by the Scottish Police force. The possibility of distributing tasers instead of giving police officers adequate training and formation can seriously jeopardise the quality of the service of the police force and banalise violence.

On the issue of human rights, Ms. Wardrop demonstrated her awareness of international human rights violations and explained how the UK should be prepared to tackle these issues, both internationally and domestically as well.

Thanks and hopefully see you on Tuesday.


Celidh Night!

March 3, 2011 in events by Rob Hallam



Amnesty-STAR-Red Cross Ceilidh, Sunday 6th March, 7.30pm, £5, Qudos, QMU

Sample Letter For “Scotland Stands for Human Rights”

March 3, 2011 in information by Rob Hallam

Dear (recipient name)

I am writing as a supporter of Amnesty International in your constituency to ask you to confirm your support for human rights.

I appreciate that you will receive correspondence from many organisations and individuals on a whole range of issues over the course of the Scottish Parliamentary elections, but I hope you will consider supporting Amnesty International’s campaign pledge ‘Scotland Stands for Human Rights’. Human rights are what every human being needs to live a healthy and fulfilled life and to participate fully in society. Everyone in Scotland is protected by the commitment to human rights written into the Scotland Act, which is binding on the Scottish Government and Parliament. This underpins Scotland’s standing as a compassionate, inclusive society. A number of human rights issues fall within the devolved responsibilities of the Scottish Parliament, and new MSPs will need to consider these after the election.

The leaders of all the mainstream political parties have already taken the pledge, along with a number of candidates. Their photographs are posted online at, where you can also find supporting material from Amnesty International.

If you haven’t already taken the pledge, doing so is simple. Show your support by having your picture taken with Amnesty International’s campaign poster, with the message ‘Scotland Stands for Human Rights’. Copies of the poster are being posted to every candidate, along with an introduction to some of the human rights issues new MSPs will need to consider. Then simply email your photograph, along with your name and constituency to

Many thanks for your attention in this matter. I look forward to your reply.

Yours Sincerely,

Hopefully we can get plenty of support for this campaign!

Scotland Stands For Human Rights