This Week’s Meeting: Syrian Civil War, SPB and More

January 28, 2013 in information, main by Martin Lennon

Hey everybody,

We’ve got another interesting week ahead of us, our main meeting is going to focus on Syria and we’re making a start on the table decorations for the Secret Policeman’s Ball. So if you want a varied and full session of human rights action, come along and meet us at our usual time a place Tomorrow – 5pm – QMU – Committee Room 1.

This Week’s Meeting:

Jana is gong to give us a presentation on the Syrian Civil War in a human rights context. It is the other end of the spectrum from what we heard last week about refugees and it’ll be a great opportunity to get an insight into the kind of conflicts that so many people flee.

Siuan is going to be organizing a group, getting stuck into the decorations for the SPB. We’re going to try to sort out candles based on the amnesty logo so if you’ve got any jam jars kicking around, please bring them along.

Nathan is going to go along to the QMU events committee to run our ideas for the after party past them, if any of you are keen to get involved in running club nights, this is a great opportunity.

Louise is going to be sorting out the PR rota and taking any tickets or money you guys have from the SPB.

Coming Up:

STAR are having Michael Collins from the National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns along to give them some training on Wednesday. If any of you were inspired by our meeting last week this is a great opportunity to get some training.

On the 30th January – Glasgow Friends of Tibet are Screening ‘Dreaming of Lhasa’ ( which is a film about former polical prisoners in Tibet.

On the 31st Kate Allen, UK Amnesty International Director is giving a talk in the Wolfson Medical Building. Tickets are free but you need toregister ( – fun bonus there are drinks afterwards.

The busiest day of GU Amnesty history 9th Feb: Scottish Student Conference – during the day Secret Policeman’s Ball – 7:30pm Secret Policeman’s Ball Afterparty – party o’clock (11:30pm)

Avatar photo by Elena

Amnesty International Scottish Student Conference 2013

January 24, 2013 in events, information, main by Elena

This year it is Glasgow University Amnesty’s turn to organise the Amnesty International Scottish Student Conference!

The conference will be held on Saturday 9th February 2013, and consist of a one day event at Glasgow University open to all students interested in the work of Amnesty student groups in Scotland. We will be addressing a range of topics through discussions, guests speakers and film-screenings. This is a great opportunity to meet other like-minded student activists, learn more about Amnesty’s work and about human rights in general, and hear what the other student groups have been up to this year.

To round off the day GU Amnesty cordially invites you to THE SECRET POLICEMAN’S BALL 2013 – our biggest fundraiser of the year – it is a night of stand-up comedy held at the Queen Margaret Union, Glasgow University.

Accomodation can be arranged for all those wishing to attend the Secret Policeman’s Ball – please email and ask!

Facebook Event Page for the Secret Policeman’s Ball –

Please click attending on Facebook for the conference so we have a rough idea of numbers –


Date: Saturday 9th February 2013

Time: 10am – 4pm

Venue: Queen Margaret Union, 22 University Gardens, G12 8QN

Cost: FREE to attend (so just food and travel costs)

Questions? email us


On the subject of CONFLICT MINERALS… Congo Scots On the subject of SCOTTISH GYPSY TRAVELLERS… Amnesty Scotland Jess Smith On the subject of FALUN GONG… Yu Yu Williams Including a FILM SCREENING of Free China

Recap of Second Meeting of 2013

January 24, 2013 in main, photos by Rob Hallam

(photos below)

Many thanks to Ruth, Owen and Daniel for their talk and information on asylum seekers, refugees and destitution.

Thanks also to all the members old and new that came along, it was great to see so many people along in the new year!

For those interested, the Stop Destitution campaign video discussed during the presentation is embedded below:

Photos below. Special Amnesty greeting to our former president Catherine 🙂

Refugee Rights, Destitution and SPB Publicity

January 21, 2013 in events, main by Martin Lennon

Hey everybody,


It’s nice walking around campus seeing the orange Secret Policeman’s Ball posters everywhere. Plans are pretty much all in place and we’ve even got tickets on sale both online and in the real world at the QMU box office. A fair few took tickets away last week to punt to their friends, so can you guys make sure that you bring either the tickets or, preferably, the money along to the meeting tomorrow – 5pm – QMU – Committee Room 1.

This Week:

It’s a really good topic this week, we’re going to be focussing on Human Rights for Refugees and focussing on the problem destitution especially in the UK and especially Glasgow. It is a real eye opening subject and one that has a pretty big impact on almost everyone who encounters it. It is at once a pretty sad indictment of the state of human rights in the UK and a pretty inspiring example of how some small groups are making a big difference.

It will mean a wee break in format though. No tables this week, we have a presentation and video followed by a postcard writing action.

Secret Policeman’s Ball Chat:

We’re getting closer and closer to the big day and its time to start sorting out who is going to flier where and when. If you want a piece of the fliering action please fill in rota on the Doodle here:

Coming Up:

  • Secret Policeman’s Ball – 9th February
  • Lecture by  Kate Allen, Director of Amnesty International UK – 31st January

See you tomorrow,


Falun Dafa – Home

January 16, 2013 in china, information by Debbie White

Falun Dafa – Home.

Photos From the First Meeting of 2013

January 16, 2013 in main, photos by Debbie White

Thanks to everyone who came along to our (re)introduction meeting on Tuesday. We’re very excited for the SPB and everything that’s coming up in the coming year.

First Meeting Of 2013

January 14, 2013 in main by Martin Lennon

Hey everybody,

I hope you’re back in the term time swing and ready for some Amnesty action. We’re having our first meeting back tomorrow at 5pm in QMU Committee Room 1. There is plenty planned for this term and lots to show off so if you’ve always meant to come along but not made the leap, this is the week to come!

Over the winter break we’ve been busy redoing our Facebook presence so make sure you like our new page at:

We’re proud to announce that tickets for this year’s Secret Policeman’s Ball are on sale on our flash new website and will soon be coming to a QMU box office near you. There are two types to chose from – £5 for just the main event or £7 for the main event and our after party hosted by GU Philanthrobeats!

This Week:

The next few weeks are going to have a heavy SPB presence (it’s the biggest student fundraiser in the UK after all) but we’ll try to make sure we have as good a range as usual:

– I’m going to do a presentation on who we are at GU Amnesty and what we do – Siuan is going to start planning the decorations for the SPB – Louise is going to start planning the publicity for the SPB – Elena is going to do a letter writing action

Coming Up:

– Secret Policeman’s Ball & After Party – 9th February – a night of Scotland’s best stand up comedy followed by the best DJ talent on campus – Lecture by Kate Allen, Director of Amnesty International, UK – 31st January – free tickets available here
– Secret Policeman’s Ball – 9th February

See you tomorrow,


Welcome to our new website!

January 11, 2013 in main, news by Rob Hallam

We figured that the old site was starting to look its age, so we’ve give it a wee sprucing up. It’s a bit easier for us to update too so hopefully it will be a bit more dynamic than out old site.

We’ve kept much of our old content up so you can still see pictures of our past events and down below you can even see our previous blog posts.

We also have a shiny new Facebook Page at:

If you want to keep up with us and can’t make our weekly meetings, these are the places to be!

Happy New Year

January 10, 2013 in news by Martin Lennon

Happy New Year!

It’s okay, you made it through the winter break with the presents and parties and all that nonsense – now you can just kick back and look forward to another term of GU Amnesty fun (and activism). Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait another week for a proper meeting though.

As dissertations deadlines loom and resolutions are struggled to be maintained, we figure we can all do with a week to get back into the term time flow. So next Tuesday we’ll be back as usual at Committee Room 1 at 5pm. There is plenty to do this term including the launch of our new website and Facebook Page, a weekend away at Action For Change, more action on Conflict Minerals much more and last but not least the Secret Policeman’s Ball!

You are also cordially invited to Jim’s Bar tomorrow at 8pm for a wee informal social.

Welcome back,