Newsletter 2014-11-08: Food Banks, Crafting Session and Upcoming Events

Special Notice: Food Bank Collection

Special notice: We will be collecting food on Tuesday for Maryhill Food Bank as part of our food banks campaign. Please bring cans or packets of food to the meeting on Tuesday at 5PM. More info in This Week section. Thank you in advance.

Goodness gracious me, it’s the second meeting of November already. This semester is really flying in.

Human trafficking is a huge subject which we’ll hopefully get the chance to return to at some point, otherwise hopefully everyone has had a chance either in the meeting or thereafter to see The Dark Side of Chocolate which we screened on Tuesday. There’s more info available on the website on human trafficking which is well worth a read if you want to explore the subject further; which I would strongly encourage you to do.

Just a reminder or heads-up for those who weren’t at the meeting, there is a crafting / discussion session (provisionally) Sunday 9th November 5PM for a human trafficking demo / flashmob. This will likely be held in one of the committee rooms in the QMU. If you’re coming along please fill in the Doodle so we know how many to expect! Remember you can check our group for updates for these things- this is separate from our Facebook Page, so if you aren’t a member, please request to join.

Lastly, there’s been a couple of gradual trends in the last couple of months: newsletters getting longer, and meetings starting later. These are both totally on me. There’s a lot of information to keep people up to speed on, so the newsletter can balloon; and wanting to start the meeting when there’s enough people arrived.

I can appreciate that it’s frustrating if you arrive on time for 5 to have to wait for others to show up, so we will be starting meetings more sharply from now on. It’s still okay to show up a bit late, of course, if you’re out of a lecture/lab/tutorial late or delayed or whatnot, but the meeting will be kicking off! 🙂

I will also try to keep the newsletters as short as possible. The variables are what’s on in a given week, and upcoming events can be one or two one week, and five or six the next. I try to ‘front load’ the newsletters by putting the most important info early on, and I divide it into sections with headings and contents so you can see at a glance what the gist of it is. But there can be a lot to get through, so I will try and minimise that insofar as possible. For those of you reading this who are concerned- don’t worry, the end-of-newsletter ‘thanks for reading’ rewards will stay 😀

With that ironically-lengthy prelude out of the way, on with the show!

This Week: Food Banks – Collection and Intro

Tuesday 11th November 2014, 5PM, QMU Committee Room 1

Maryhill Food Bank Banner

Facebook event: invite your friends for this one, we’re hoping to make the collection big!

As I mentioned way back at the start of the newsletter, we will be collecting for Maryhill Food Bank this week. Basically this means we will have boxes at the meeting, and we would like to encourage you to bring food along for donation- preferably cans, jars or dried packets please! Beverages and toiletries are also useful; please see Maryhill Food Bank’s donations page for a list of suggested items.

We will also be screening a documentary (Breadline Britain) to give an overview of poverty in the UK and how people can end up forced to rely on food banks. After that there will be a presentation from Rebecca and Seb on the subject. Breffni O’Connor will also be coming along to chat on food bank plans.

I am really excited for this campaign and the immediacy of what we can do; I hope you guys are too.

A Quick Post-Student Conference Update

As I mentioned in the meeting, Sarah and I popped down to London last weekend to attend the 2014 Student Conference. As all the talks, workshops, campaigning and news could fill another newsletter entirely, we will come up with a way to properly and succinctly debrief you all!

In the meantime, you can have a look at our Twitter feed for the copious live-tweeting that went on; or have a look at the #studentconf hashtag.

If I could convey only one thing though, it would be that it’s a fantastic weekend and I regret waiting so long to go!

Jamnesty Preview – With Games!

Sunday 16th November 2014, Scran @ QMU (TBC)


So you’re all undoubtedly inviting your friends, family, coworkers, acquaintances and people on the street to Jamnesty 2014, telling them to buy tickets and spread the word further. But they’re not sure about the music, or how cool we are. Maybe they think it will be a night of proselytising? Well, you can allay their fears!

We have provisionally planned a preview acoustic set in Scran in the QMU next Sunday (16th November). There’s a bar, there’s music, and there might be one or two (very casual) games to get you in the Jamnesty mood!

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for an event and more details.

CFCI Meeting

Wednesday 12th November 4PM, Fraser Building

If you’re interested in CFCI, there is a meeting this week on Wednesday at 4 in the Fraser Building. On the agenda:

  1. Campaign strategy for Motion.
  2. Film screening with Earthmovies: ‘Blood in the Mobile’.
  3. Website launch.

Upcoming Events

Aside from Jamnesty 2014 (which you can buy tickets for!), there are a few things coming up in the next couple of weeks which may be of interest.

‘I Am A Leader’: Leadership Talks

Wednesday 12th November 7PM, GCU Campus

We got a message in about this event and it looks good- just a pity it’s not happening next semester as part of our work on International Women’s Week! Details:

As part of the ‘I Am A Leader’ campaign, Caledonian Women are running a series of talks on the topic of women in leadership. The speakers for our first event are as follows:

  • Claire Lightowler; Director of the Centre for Youth and Criminal Justice.
  • Karyn McCluskey; Director of the Scottish Violence Reduction Unit.
  • Mairi Damer; Ex-BBC radio producer and broadcast journalist turned communications trainer, media adviser & copywriter.
  • Adele Patrick; Lifelong Learning and Creative Development Manager, Glasgow Women’s Library.

Our speakers have been given free reign over what they talk about but we have suggested a theme of “What I would tell my twenty-one year-old self”. Everyone is welcome to come along and listen to our wonderful guests.

We will be serving food and drink during the break. At this point, please feel free to mingle and have discussions with our speakers, members of Caledonian Women and any other interesting folk who you come across.

Or see the event page on for more info.

National Demonstration for Free Education

Wednesday 19th November 2014

This first one isn’t directly Amnesty-related, but the future of education is important so I am including it here for you all to make your own individual decision on. Breffni O’Connor, in her capacity as SRC President, asked us to mention this:

The SRC have decided to attend the National Demonstration for Free Education which is happening in London on November 19th. Free Education is something that we need to continue to obtain to ensure Universities are as accessible as possible for all. We will be marching with students across the country for a fair, free, and well-funded education system across the UK.

There will be a pre demo meeting to talk out the plan of action for the day and to prepare for the demo.

We can only go to London if we have a full bus

More information can be found here:

While we don’t officially endorse this demonstration it is a sufficiently important issue that everyone should be aware of, and we know that you are all capable of coming to your own conclusions on the issue.

GHRN: Sakharov Prize 2014

Thursday 20th November 5.30PM, Room 916, Adam Smith Building, University of Glasgow

Since this is coming up through the Glasgow Human Rights Network, I thought I’d mention it as it may be of interest to some to go along and hear about the nominees.

The European Parliament’s Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought is awarded every year to honour exceptional individuals who combat intolerance, fanaticism and oppression. This year the European Parliament awarded the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought to the Congolese gynaecologist Denis Mukwege, who helps thousands of rape victims in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Students on the MSc Human Rights & International Politics course will set out the case for each nominee for the Prize. This will be followed by a Q&A session, a public debate and vote.

The discussion will be followed by a wine reception. Everyone is welcome. If you would like to attend, please register on Eventbrite.

These events are a good way to meet other folks involved in human rights work and research; or network 🙂

Reminder: Reclaim the Night March

Thursday 27th November 2014, Starting at Botanic Gardens 6:15PM

I mentioned this in a previous newsletter, but it’s worth bearing in mind. There’s now a Facebook event too!

This year’s march will take place on Thursday 27th November (that’s the day after Jamnesty!) with assembly at 6:15 PM outside Botanic Gardens on Great Western Road (opposite Oran Mor).

You can see photos from last year’s march which we took part in after a Tuesday meeting.

Thanks for Reading

Given my desire to keep things short, I’d better draw things to a close there. But before you go, another Thanks For Reading bonus, this week from a set of photos I look of the fireworks on Glasgow Green:

Fireworks Glasgow Green 2014

This, along with the rest of the set, was taken from a car park just beside Strathclyde Distillery. And now you know.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback you can always get in touch either via the website or on Facebook or Twitter.

Newsletter 2014-10-04: Important Announcement, Death Penalty and Many Events

Hello again to everyone. Thanks to everyone who took part in the #DemocracyNowHK photo action last week. Those photos had a huge reach on Facebook and are being Tweeted out- showing that we stand in solidarity with those protesting and risking so much in Hong Kong. We’ve some important announcements in this week’s newsletter, so be sure to read at least those. It also means this week’s instalment is another lengthy bulletin; please bear with me!

** Important Elections Announcement! **

Tuesday 7th October

For the last couple of weeks we’ve been reminding you of the elections for 2x Ordinary Board member committee positions happening this Tuesday. In addition, our lovely Fundraising Officer Nikola has taken the difficult decision to step down as a committee member.

This means that the position of Fundraising Officer will also be available for election this Tuesday (7th October).

Nikola has been an enthusiastic member for the last couple years and did a great turn last year as Publicity Officer; and we are very sad to see such a talented person leave the committee. But we’re still happy as she will be coming along to weekly meetings!


If you are interested in the positions available (OBM or Fundraising Officer), it may be of interest to read the position descriptions written for the AGM last year. This might help you decide if the role is for you. If you have ideas (and some of the folk I’ve talked to who seemed keen do) you can certainly go beyond the job description!

All the best to Nikola and good luck to anyone standing on Tuesday.

First Semester Campaigns

In other exciting news, we all discussed, debated and ultimately chose the campaigns we will be prioritising in the first part of the year. Up to Christmas (82 days at time of writing- start buying those presents now!) we will be focusing on:

  • Unrest situation in Ferguson, MO (starting in 2 weeks!)
  • Human Trafficking
  • Food Banks
  • and, if we have time, Human Rights in Russia

The voting was very close! It was really positive to both have suggestions from the group (as opposed to from the committee) and that they were taken on board to such a great extent. Please don’t be too disappointed if your preferred campaign(s) didn’t get selected- there is always next semester! We are also hoping to get a letter-writing lunchtime session up and running, as well as expanding how we do online actions. You’ll never be stuck for campaigning with GU Amnesty!

Drinking Bird Loves Campaigns

And so am I.

As a side note, we have plans to work on both Syria and Women’s Rights in the second semester, due to collaborations with the Coalition for Syrian Refugees and International Women’s Week. Stay tuned!

This Week: Elections and Death Penalty

Tuesday 7th October, 5PM, QMU Committee Room 1

I’ve already covered elections in the special notice earlier in this newsletter; if you missed it please skip back a couple of paragraphs and read the info! We intend to kick things off with the elections first of all, as the prospect of speaking can make people somewhat nervous. Try not to stress too much about it though, we’re all friendly; and if you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

12th Day Against the Death penalty

Thanks to the work of our Campaigns Officer Alex, we have a ready-to-go campaign for you all to get involved with before we start on our chosen campaign of Ferguson later on this month. Our first campaign is the worldwide abolition of the Death Penalty, a perennial favourite. We have a few events planned for this already!

Upcoming Events

Death Penalty-Related

Demo Against the Death Penalty

Friday 10th October, Library Hill

There will be a demo, probably on Library Hill on October 10th, International Day Against the Death Penalty. We have some decorations and such from our demo last year, but we’re always mad keen for banner-making!

Death Penalty Film Screening

Tuesday October 14th, 5PM, Venue TBA (Likely Boyd Orr Building)

We intend to screen a documentary or film as part of the death penalty campaign, which will happen a week on Tuesday. More details closer to the time.

Death Penalty Debate with Dialectics

Wednesday 15th October, Time/Venue TBA

This should be an interesting one. While the debate over the death penalty as an judicial option rages on, we and the Dialectics felt it had been overdone. So this debate will likely centre around extrajudicial uses of the death penalty- in times of war, in terms of mob/vigilante ‘justice’, and in the use of drones. These are all scenarios which have cropped up over again in recent times, and yet they don’t seem to provoke the same sort of response as killings carried out on the orders of judges.

Come along and join the debate.

Other Events

Academics at Risk Event (Reminder)

Monday 6th October, 3-6PM, Glasgow University Concert Hall

There is an event which may be of interest put on by GU Settlement to inform people about the work of CARA:

The University of Glasgow, with assistance from GU Settlement, is hosting a CARA (The Council for At-Risk Academics) awareness raising event.
The Council for At-Risk Academics (CARA) has provided protection and support to refugee and ‘at risk’ academics for over 80 years. The defence of academic freedom continues to underpin CARA’s work assisting academics who, for reasons of persecution and conflict, are unable to continue their research in their countries of origin.
The event will be chaired by Prof John Briggs (Vice Principal and GU Refugee Champion) and Prof Alison Phipps (GU CARA Rep/ GRAMNet).
A representative from GU Archives will discuss the historical role that the University has played in supporting dispossessed and displaced people and there will also be the opportunity for round table and informal discussion.

UK Premiere: Beneath the Blindfold

Thursday 9th October, 6-8PM, GFT 12 Rose St

We’re lucky as part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival to be able to attend the UK premiere of this documentary giving accounts of torture:

Screened in partnership with Document, the International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, four torture survivors from around the globe courageously tell the stories of their mistreatment and their subsequent attempts to move beyond these horrifying experiences. The film follows them as they build new lives and, despite the continued psychological and physical fallout from their experience, become public advocates for an end to torture.

See the information page for more details.

Student Forum at Document 12

Friday 10th October, 12-3PM, CCA Glasgow on Sauchiehall Street

This may be of interest to some as part of the Document 12 film festival on in Glasgow from 9-12th October.

On Friday 10th October from 12-3pm we have a FREE Student Forum in the Club Room of the CCA (Sauchiehall St). Presented in conjunction with GRAMNet and the Glasgow Human Rights Network, the forum will screen two documentaries taking different perspectives on the contemporary experience of Palestinian children: Stone Cold Justice (Dir. Gabi Weber) looks at the contrasting legal rights enjoyed by young Israelis and Palestinians in the context of increasing arrests of Palestinian boys by the Israeli police force, while Since I Was Born (Dir. LAURA DELLE PIANE) tells the story of 11-year-old Tamer growing up in Dheisheh refugee camp, The West Bank. The screenings will be followed by a discussion led by Beth Pearson, Keith Hammond and Dr. Naomi Head all from Glasgow Uni.

See the facebook event for more details.

Amnesty UK Student Conference

London, 1-2 November

Student conferences are always a blast! In a little under a month the UK Student Conference will kick off at Amnesty UK’s HQ in London. It costs’s £20, and there are workshops, campaign actions, discussions, socialising and much more. Let’s not forget we have an award to pick up for last year’s Secret Policeman’s Ball! Please let me know if you are interested in coming and we can try to make travel plans for the group.

Places go quickly so don’t delay!

Amneslunchtime Amnesletters


I mentioned this at the meeting last week but in case anyone missed it, we’re intending to start up a weekly lunchtime letter-writing session in the Fraser Building. It’ll give us a chance to go a bit further in taking action on campaigns and harnessing the keenness of the group.

Details will follow once we’ve decided on a day. The intention is to tweet / say on FB when we are there and roughly where we’re seated.

Watch this space!

Secret Policeman’s Ball Update

21st February 2015!

It may only be the start of October, but we already have a date for all your diaries:

Saturday 21st February 2015 will be night we have our Secret Policeman’s Ball!

If you haven’t heard of the SPB before, the short version is that it’s a night of comedy (modelled on the ones put on by Amnesty international) and our biggest fundraiser of the year. It’s hosted by the ever-funny Billy Kirkwood, and we’ve won multiple awards for them over the years.

SPB 2014 LaunchSPB 2014SPB 2014 Afterparty

More details will come over the next few weeks and months, but there’s plenty to be doing in the meantime- publicity, decoration, organisation. If there’s any aspect of this huge event you’d like to get involved with – looks great on the CV, by the way – please let Duncan or me know. Duncan is heading up the organisation of the SPB this year, for which we’re all very thankful!

Well Done For Reading Reward

This week’s ‘thanks for reading’ bounty is one for fans of Rube Goldberg machines (that’s a Heath Robinson machine if you’re on this side of the Atlantic). Some of you may have seen this before, but it’s so delightfully done I could watch it again and again.

(link for those reading in email format:

See you all on Tuesday for the elections and Death Penalty!

Get in Touch

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback you can always get in touch either via the website or on Facebook or Twitter.

More News!

Hello Amnestiers!

Stop Stoning

Firstly, a biiiig well done to all the campaigners who stood on library hill last Wednesday for our End Stoning campaign. We were there for just over two hours and collected an amazing 458 names! Thanks to everyone for your time and enthusiasm!

(End Stoning:

This week’s meeting

We’re in Qudos in the QMU on Tuesday at 5pm and we’ll be focusing on human rights in Burma, as well as planning publicity for upcoming fundraising events (see below!).

Coming up

– Protect the Human club night at Stereo, Thurs December 1st: In the coming weeks we need to people to PR for this, but the most important thing to is to come and have a drink and a dance with all proceeds going towards Amnesty!

– Christmas caroling: This week we’ll start organising this properly and get an Amnesty choir together in preparation for caroling in December. Join in whether you can sing or not!

– The Secret Policeman’s Ball is confirmed for Saturday 4th February in Qudos- very exciting! Billy Kirkwood is confirmed as our compere and in the next month we’ll get going on a big publicity drive- there’s lot’s to do! Our posters are being prepared right now. This annual night of comedy has been more and more successful over the last couple of years, raising thousands of pounds for Amnesty, and we want to make this one the biggest yet!

– If you have any fundraising/campaigning ideas, please share them!

If you’ve not been to meetings so far, please come along- newcomers are always welcome. Our next meeting is on Tuesday, 5pm in Qudos in the QMU.

See you on Tuesday at the meeting!


Please join our Facebook group:

Week 4 Weekly News and Updates!

Hello GU Amnestiers!

Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend.  Was great to see so many back on Tuesday- and to have so much more space in Qudos was such a delight!  We’re back in Qudos, 5pm on Tuesday in the QMU.  After the vote on campaign areas last week, the two which came out on top were human rights in Burma and women’s rights, so these will be our campaigns for the next few weeks!

This week’s meeting

This week we’re focusing on women’s rights.  We’ll have three areas set up; one on women in Afghanistan, one on women in Iran, and another dedicated to banner making for all the arty types!  There’s loads of information on the AI UK website: and of course there’ll be loads to learn and discuss at the meeting on Tuesday.

Also, we’re having our second social at The Common Rooms straight after the meeting.  Please come along for drinks and FREE FOOD!!

Coming up  


– TOMORROW! World Day Against the Death Penalty on Monday 10th October: ACTION ON LIBRARY HILL 11-3PM.  We’re doing a visual action tomorrow, holding placards with death penalty prisoners’ names on library hill leading up to a table with a petition.  Please come along and get involved/support out first taste of activism this year!


– This Wednesday, 12th Oct, there is a film screening in The Arches about women’s rights in South Korea.  The tickets are £2, and the lady who is running the night is coming to the meeting on Tuesday to tell us more about it.


– Weekend away: please fill out the poll on Facebook if you want to come!  The dates are either the 21st-23nd Oct or the 4th-6th Nov, staying for two nights on Arran.  It will be a brilliant weekend and a great way to get to know one another!


– The Big Fun Run ( on Saturday 29th October: we’re hoping that many of you will get your running/walking shoes on for this 5k event- there’ll be more details closer to the time.


– The Secret Policeman’s Ball is confirmed for Saturday 4th February in Qudos- very exciting!  Billy Kirkwood is confirmed as our compere and in the next couple of months we’ll get going on a big publicity drive- there’s lot’s to do!  This annual night of comedy has been increasingly successful over the last couple of years, raising thousands of pounds for Amnesty, and we want to make this one the biggest yet!


–  As well as all this, there’s loads more in the pipeline: a club night, a freedom of expression night, Christmas caroling, and please tell us if you’re keen to organise something, or have a fundraising or campaigning idea.

If you’ve not been to the first three meetings, please come along- newcomers are always welcome. Our next meeting is in QUDOS, at 5pm, Tuesday, QMU.  

See you on Tuesday at the meeting and social afterwards!





Please join our Facebook group:

Busy First Meeting!


Thanks to everyone who came along to our first meeting, hope to see you next week and beyond!

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Freshers Week 2011!

Hello and welcome to everyone! Whether you’re coming to Glasgow University for the first time or returning for another year, we hope it’s a good one! We will have a stall at the Freshers’ Fair next Tuesday and Wednesday in the Bute/Randolph hall, number 56, so please drop by and say hello!

We hope this year is going to be as fun (or more!) as last, with many events actions and petitions (like the photo petition for solidarity with the Egyptian protests, below):

Photo Petition

Aung San Released! And This Weeks Happenings

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all well on this pivotal day! Aung San Suu Kyi, Burma’s opposition leader and our longest-serving prisoner of conscience, has finally been released after spending 15 of the last 21 years under house arrest! Everyone who has ever taken part in any of the Burma campaign…you made a difference and here is the evidence! However, although it’s fantastic news and certainly provides hope there are still 2,200 political prisoners behind bars in Burma and the fight doesn’t end here.

This week in GU Amnesty:

Monday 15th November: 5pm, Jim’s bar, QMU, Amnesty funternational preparation meeting. (more details below)

Tuesday’s meeting: A call for celebration, let’s take some recognition for Suu Kyi’s release! We shall also be looking at some of Amnesty’s latest campaigns, violence against women, Scottish gypsy travellers and the ongoing Burmese battle. Come along on Tuesday for some debate, activism and a wee celebrate!

Wednesday 17th November: Film screening following last weeks talk on Falun Gong practitioners. The film shall concentrate on the horrific Organ harvesting that takes place and will finish with some ending comments from Yu Yu Williamson. 6pm, Boyd Orr, lecture theatre B, level 4.

Sunday 21st November: Amnesty Funternational, 8pm, £3, Jims bar, QMU.!/event.php?eid=176376639043011

Coming up: GU amnesty love Christmas and what a chance to utilise for fundraising initiatives. Details shall be given out on Tuesday but over the coming weeks we’re looking to put together a carol singing group, get crafty making some christmassy decorations/cards and organise a winter folk night!

More Info:

Aung San Suu Kyi:

The message here is not to be fooled. There is still a huge way to go in Burma. However, we can be pleased that a step in the right direction has been taken and so although we’re going to celebrate let’s not forget those who are still behind bars,

Amnesty Funternational Prep:
Sunday see’s our latest fundraising effort and we’re asking for any help people can give. If you’d like to be involved come along to the planning meeting tomorrow at 5pm in Jims bar. We shall be discussing raffle prizes, games, quizzes, music, cakes and anything that people would like to see at the event. Bring out your inner child!

Thanks very much and thank you for all your continued dedication.

Updates For Week 7


Weekly updates in the land of GU Amnesty…


  • Tuesday 2nd Novembers meeting: Flash mob prep completion (please print off Troy Davis mask templates if you have not done so already)
  • Tuesday 2nd November: Love is a human right dance party! Nice N Sleazy, £3, 11pm-3am ‘GET KRUNK FOR EQUALITY!’
  • Wednesday 3rd November: Death Penalty flash mob (rescheduled date), weather permitting, 11am-2pm, Library Hill
  • Saturday 6th November: AIUK’s Scottish regional conference, Scottish Trade Union Congress Building, 333 Woodlands Road, 10am-4.30pm, free/£5 if you want lunch, pre-booking necessary so let me know if you’re interested, (I’m definitely going so do join me :))
  • Friday 12th-Sunday 14th November: AIUK’s student conference, London, still places available but need to book so let me know ASAP.


Tuesday’s meeting this week:

After the huge amounts of enthusiasm last week where we all ended up splashing lots of paint around we soon realised that props would not dry or anywhere near ready for a flash mob the next day so it was democratically decided to postpone the flash mob until this coming Wednesday the 3rd November and to use this Tuesday’s meeting to finish off our creations. Come along and help out as we prepare to petition for Troy Davis and his urgent case (

And please print off your Troy Davis mask templates if you’ve not already by opening the attachment. Resources to make them into masks will be provided on Tuesday.

Love Is A Human Right!Tuesday 2nd November – LOVE IS A HUMAN RIGHT DANCE PARTY

What better way to spend your Tuesday evening than to go out have a few drinks, a wee boogie and a fun night with some friends than to also be doing it in the name of human rights? Raise some money for Amnesty and show some awareness about equal rights for the gay, lesbian and transgender community.

And if that wasn’t enough to tempt you then we’re going to have pre-drinks at myself and Jens flat to use this chance for some Amnesty socialising and chat. Everyone is welcome, 9pm, we’ll then all head to Nice N Sleazy together as it’s not too far away! My number is 07842094672 if you want to get in touch and I’ll let you know where to find us!

Wednesday 3rd November – Troy Davis Flash Mob

Again, details will be arranged on Tuesday but the general idea is to commune for a 2 minute demonstration on the hour of 11am, 12pm and 1pm. That way we’ll catch the rush and everyone can come along even if you have a lecture. Then we’ll use a rota system to gather petition signatures through the remaining time. It’s going to be highly visual and so will hopefully have a high impact and result in lots of signatures!

Saturday 6th November – AIUK Regional Conference

Amnesty staff and volunteers hold a range of conferences around the UK across the year, offering a great way to meet other active supporters, share your interests and passion for human rights, and to learn more about Amnesty’s campaigning work. This year the conference is to be held in our very own West End and running from 10am-4.30pm this Saturday it’s too handy to miss! If you’d like to come along just let me know and I’ll book us in a few places.

Friday 12th-Sunday 14th November – AIUK National Student Conference

This years Amnesty UK’s student conference will be in the Human Rights Action Centre in London. We have 11 places to send people down so i will ask that if you’re interested please e-mail me back and we’ll arrange places.

The weekend will allow you to hear inspirational speakers discuss and debate today’s human rights issues, learn new skills, take action, vote and meet Amnesty students from across the UK. I highly recommend it, it’s always a great weekend! (

Conference places cost £20 per person, which includes:

  • Crashpad accommodation – bring bedding to make yourself comfortable (e.g. sleeping bag, mat)
  • All food for the weekend, from an evening meal on Friday through to a packed lunch on Sunday
  • Entry to the social events on Friday and Saturday evening
  • Transport between the conference centre and crashpad

Of course there will then also be the cost of travelling to London, by which means of transport can be decided. We will be able to apply for some funding from the SRC but it will involve presenting receipts so anyone wanting to go will need to be able to pay upfront in order to reclaim costs back. Not sure how much they will offer us either but if trains are booked early or people are up for mega busing it then travel needn’t be expensive! 🙂

Thank you!Troy Davis Mask

Cake Stall Now Outside Library!

HUGE apologies for the lateness of this message but today’s (and indeed Wednesday’s) cake stall has been moved to outside the library.


Sorry again and thank you!



Updates (Week of October 10th)

Hello all you good Amnesty folk,

I’m going to try and keep this nice and short..!

What ya’s need to know:

* Cake stall, Monday 11th and Wednesday 13th, 11-2, outside QMU.
* LETTERS – Glasgow vs. Edinburgh letter-off this week (WE MUST WIN!)
* Post box, Monday onwards, SRC building (John Mac) by the vending machines.
* Weekend away – 15th-17th
* Tuesday 12th meeting – Letter writing, biscuits and a musical playlist.
* Tuesday 19th meeting – Armando Rotondi, The House of Sharing, guest speaker.
* Monday 25th October – Protect the human gig, 13th note, 8.30pm, £3.50.

Just a short version this week-more info on the gig night to come soon and those heading away i shall e-mail separately with all final details.

So I’ll just finish by saying please please get everyone you know to write letters, sign letters, come get cake, post letters into our box etc. Let’s go beat Edinburgh, good and proper!

GU Amnesty.