Refugees and the Arms Trade: Running Away From the Problem

June 15, 2012 in events by Rob Hallam

If any of you are like me and still kicking around Glasgow (or even still on campus) and missing the weekly Amnesty goodness you might enjoy this event by Amnesty Scotland next Friday at 1745 in the GUU:

From the event page:

On Friday 22nd June, Amnesty International Scotland and the Scottish Refugee Council (SRC) will host a panel discussion at Glasgow University Union, highlighting the connections between unregulated and irresponsible arms trading and the growing humanitarian refugee crisis, visible in regions such as the Middle East.

The arms trade is fuelling human rights abuses in conflict zones across the world, leaving individuals with little choice but to flee their homes for their own safety and become refugees in countries like Scotland.

Joining the panel, set to include Jo Swinson MP and Shabnum Mustapha (Scotland Programme Director for Amnesty International), is the Syrian born refugee Abu Basil, who will speak about his own personal experiences since becoming a refugee. Also on the agenda is a discussion on the impact of the Arms Trade in facilitating sexual violence towards woman and young girls. An informal question and answers session will conclude the event and individuals who have their own experiences of fleeing their country due to armed conflict will be encouraged to share their stories.

The event is running as part of Refugee Week and the Control Arms campaign raising awareness of United Nations negotiations to agree an Arms Trade Treaty, set to begin on 2nd July.