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Jamnesty Preview / Bingo Photos


Rob Hallam

Photos from Post-SPB 2015 Launch Social @ Champions

Rob Hallam

Photos from SPB 2015 Launch

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Pub Quiz 2014 Photos!

Thanks to everyone who braved the terrible weather on Sunday to come along and make it a great night. We’re totalling up the counts still but it looks like we made over £200; in part thanks to everyone’s generosity; and moreover the winning team re-gifting their winnings! You guys rock! In fact, you all deserve one of these:

GU Amnesty Star

Feel free to use that wherever. Essays, Linkedin, CVs…

Photos (thanks to Alex for taking these!):

Rob Hallam

Meeting 5 – Ferguson (Photos)

Thanks to Sarah for the presentations and to Alex for talking us through the current situation. Great work to everyone who wrote a letter too- we have a big stack to send! Letters are really vital to the work the Amnesty International does, and every one counts.

Be sure to check out and share the #FergusonOctober photo petition photos from the meeting too!

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Photos from Meeting 3: Elections and Death Penalty

A big big well done to everyone who stood in the elections today, it’s not easy to talk in front of everyone. I wish we could have taken you all onto the committee, I really do. Congratulations to Joe, Sarah and Seb though!

There were some great ideas for banners bandied about this afternoon to for our Death Penalty demo on Friday- can’t wait to see the results!


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Photos from Meeting 2: Campaigns

Thanks to everyone who came along- another great turnout! We hope you found the campaigns chat inspiring; I know I did!

The decisions were very close – I look forward to going through the campaigns this semester 😀

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Photos from Meeting 1: Welcome to GU Amnesty!

A big, hearty GU Amnesty welcome to everyone! It was great to see so many of you along; but apologies to everyone who had to sit on the floor. More chairs are in order for next week – although we borrowed several this week in fact!

We hope to see you throughout the year as we have some big plans! 😀

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GU Amnesty Supports a Conflict-Free Campus – Photos

Thanks to everyone who took part-  fingers crossed for the motion when it goes to court soon!


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Freshers Week 2014 Photos

Wow, loads of new signups! Thanks to everyone who helped out, who stopped by and chatted with us, and everyone else who is awesome 🙂

See you all at the first meeting!