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Thanks to everyone who took part-  fingers crossed for the motion when it goes to court soon!


Newsletter 2014-09-20: Welcome to GU Amnesty!

Wow, what a week! A most warm welcome to folks new to the newsletter and the group, and thanks to everyone who came by the Freshers’ stall and those who took part in the CFCI petition- it was very heartening to hear from so many keen people! Thanks to all the people who helped with the stall too, you rock.

On the Freshers’ Fair stall

So as a busy Freshers’ Week 2014 draws to a close, it’s time for me to make good on the promises made at the stall and to give details of the first meeting of 2014-15 and some information on what’s coming up in the next few weeks. I’ll try and keep this first newsletter of term short!

Tuesday 23 September: First Meeting (and Social) – Who are GU Amnesty?

5PM, QMU Committee Room 1 (3rd floor)

Our first meeting of the year! Come along at 5PM to the Queen Margaret Union on University Gardens (just at the bend), then take the lift or the stairs (both straight ahead of you as you come in the door) up to the third floor, turn left and enter the first room on the right and you’ll find us there. We are fairly laid back, so if you cannot make it for 5 or have to leave early that’s quite alright.

Just a heads up: we expect this meeting to be quite busy. Given the number of signups we had in the Fresher’s Fair we tried to book an extra room in the QM, but they were full. Please bear with us and if it is packed we do apologise; we will try to get another room for next week if this is the case.

We’ll be doing a proper introduction to GU Amnesty – who the committee are, what we do, and what’s coming up in the next few weeks. Because we’ll be chatting about who we are and what we do at the meeting I won’t go into much detail in this newsletter, so on Tuesday you don’t get a repeat of what I’ve said. If you can’t make the meeting, the presentation I’ll be showing will be uploaded so you can peruse it at your leisure. Since there will probably be some questions at the meeting I’ll try and address those on here too. In the meantime though, you can find a comment I wrote about what a ‘typical meeting’ is on the website if you want to get a heads-up.

If you aren’t sure of how to find where we’re meeting or have any other questions, please either email us or ask on Facebook or Twitter.


Welcome to GU Amnesty – First Social @ Old Schoolhouse!

Tuesday 23rd September, 6:30/7 PM, Old Schoolhouse, Woodlands Road

Following on from the first meeting will be our first social of the year. We’ll walk down after the meeting, but you are welcome to join us straight there if you can’t make the meeting. If you don’t know it, the Old Schoolhouse is on Woodlands Road just at the roundabout, across from the St Andrews building.

Come along for a bit and say hi! One of things our members talk about is how good it is to hang out with Amnesty folks, and this is a great opportunity to do it. It’s also good to know the folks who will be be turning up to meetings, demonstrations and events.

The Old Schoolhouse also does food if you’re feeling peckish by then!

OS Map

Upcoming Events and Information

Election of Ordinary Board Members

Tuesday 7th October

I’ll talk a bit more about this at the meeting, but we will be electing ordinary board members in a few weeks time on 7th October. Have a think about if you want to stand for a position (there are two OB positions available), as you’ll be expected to say briefly why people should vote for you. Don’t stress though, everyone is friendly!

It’s a position with a flexible role, meaning you can get out of it what you want from it; and it’s good way to be more closely involved in the minutia of actually running the society. If you’re considering it but not sure and it all seems a bit nebulous don’t worry, there are a couple of weeks in which to make up your mind and well get a previous ordinary board to explain what’s involved.

Activist Mixer (Tomorrow/Sunday)!

Sunday 21st September, 5PM onwards, Curler’s Rest Byres Road

Short notice and reminder! There is an activist mixer on Sunday 21st September in Curler’s Rest on Byres Road (by the subway). Invitations have gone out to a number of activist groups on campus, so there will be a mix of different groups doing good work. It’s a great opportunity to find out about what other societies are doing, and to network; we as a group tend to work with a number of familiar faces so it’s useful to meet these good folks. Come along for a bit if you’re passing and say hi.

Next Week (Tuesday 30th September)

After the introductions this week we’ll be looking at campaigns on 30th. This will involve chatting about campaign suggestions and voting on what ones we want to prioritise. More details in next week’s newsletter!

For those of you who made it this far, reward yourself by watching a video of some goats balancing on a wobbling sheet of metal:

(link for those reading this in email form:

Goats are awesome.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback you can always get in touch either via the website or on Facebook or Twitter.

Freshers Week 2014 Photos

Wow, loads of new signups! Thanks to everyone who helped out, who stopped by and chatted with us, and everyone else who is awesome 🙂

See you all at the first meeting!

Week 1 Presentation: Welcome to GU Amnesty!

First Meeting (And Social) This Tuesday




A warm welcome to Glasgow for all the Freshers and a warm welcome back to everyone else.
As you have expressed an interest in the GU Amnesty International group this email is just to let you know that our first meeting will be:

Tuesday the 21st at 5 o’clock in Committee room 1 at the top of the QMU (3rd floor).

Committee room 1 is at the very top of the building and can be accessed either by taking the lift to the top floor or the stair case on the left hand side of the Food Factory, turning left, going through the double doors then committee room 1 is the first room on the right, (don’t worry, a few of us will be lingering downstairs to show you were to go)

The meeting will be an introduction to what we do, what we have done and what we plan to do in the coming year with pretty pictures . There will also be a chance to partake in our ongoing Burma campaign and ask any burning questions you might have, but most importantly there will be cake & biscuits. Ding!

Immediately after the meeting at 6 o’clock we have our first social in Curlers Rest on Byres road (next to Hillhead underground station). We can all head down straight after the meeting, the idea to just generally be social and use it as yet another chance to chat to Amnesty members new and old!

If you can’t make it this Tuesday then please come along next Tuesday or any Tuesday thereafter, meetings are always Tuesdays, 5pm, committee room 1, QMU. Also check out all our online networking at: – GU Amnesty International

So come along for some human rights based edu-tainment 😉

Best wishes,
The GU Amnesty International Fresher’s team and committee.

Freshers 2010 Photos

Thanks to everyone to came along and helped out, took part in our photo petition, or just came by the stall and said hello. 🙂

Freshers 07

Photos from freshers week 2007.