Minutes of AGM

Hello all,
Well we have a new committee:
President Ruth Hickin
Vice-President/ Secretary Megan Bailey (We didn’t get anyone nominated/nominating themselves to be the secretary but our new VP stepped up and will take on both roles.)
Treasurer Doug Kerr
Fundraising Coordinator Bella Kosmala
Publicity Officer Lea M Berninger
Website Coordinator Robert Hallam
Social Convener Claire Rooney
Ordinary Board Members (Once again we decided to have one more OBMs so we now have four)
Andrew Rubens
Jaqui Wilson
Catriona Reilly
Jonathan Grant
The new board will take over fully in September and the next couple of weeks will be a period of changeover, the last committee will ease the new committee into their new positions.
The last part of the meeting we discussed plans for winning the raise off:
So 17th May GLAMNESTY, Halt Bar- gonna be a great night so come and get some new clothes from us.
And we will be resurrecting our £1 appeal in the next few days. We just need each and every student to give us one pound to help secure Glasgow’s victory. So tell everyone if you see an Amnesty collector to give one pound to help us win!
Thanks guys, and good luck with EXAMS


Hello all,
We need you all to attend tonights meeting as it will be the AGM. I realise it is exam time but it is only an hour and it is uber important that you all attend. We need a certain amount of members there to keep it constitutionally in order. So please please make a special effort tonight and come to the meeting at 5pm.
Also for anyone who ordered hoodies they are here and ready to collect, so please get them at the meeting tonight

Change of Date for AGM

Hello everyone,
I am very very sorry to do this at such short notice but I must change the date of the annual general meeting. I must go to England tomorrow and therefore will not be able to attend the meeting- and as I HAVE to chair this meeting my only alternative is to switch the date to next Tuesday. I am very sorry to do this as I know that already this meeting is taking place too late in the year. I know we are encroaching on exam time and if this is a problem for anyone please let me know and perhaps we can work something else out.
However I must say this is important and if you can spare the hour next week to come along and vote- or indeed stand for a position please do so. The society cannot run effectively without a strong committee, so we need everyone to come to this meeting in order that the best people are given the roles.
Once again I am extremely sorry for the change in dates, and I wish you all much luck in your exams.


Hey guys,

Just to let you know that Jamnesty has been moved from this Wednesday, 22nd to this Tuesday, 21st due to some sort of mistake in the Captain’s book of bookings!

Luckily, all our awesome bands can still make it so really, it’s all good coz the fun will be brought to us even earlier than expected!

Hope you can still make it, the evening kicks off at 7:30 PM, see you all there 🙂

Get Edith Bowman to come to The Rescue

Hey All,

A favour from each of you- we need to get a famous person to come to the rescue- currently trying to get Edith Bowman radio one DJ. Si if you can tune in everyday this week and text her about the Rescue.


Thanks guys

Invisible Children: The Rescue

Hello all,

the time to take action has finally arrived. It is exam time I realise this but please if you can spare some time tell everyone your close to about this event. We must must must let people know about it.

I am calling on all of you to gather at my flat on Thursday at 5pm so we can get a well known face to rescue Joseph Kony’s child soldiers. We will be dabbling with the force of you tube in ways you can’t imagine in order to get the doctor….yes the doctor to come and rescue us.

247 West Princes Street, Glasgow, 5pm- everyone will make their own version of the rescue plea to Mr David Tennant to ask him to come and help us with our rescue in Edinburgh on the 25th APRIL. Please if you can make it come along, we need as many faces as posisble to ensure he takes our plea seriously.


Rachel xx


Hello All,

Here is a list of our fab events that we have lined up for the upcoming weeks. There is plenty to choose from so hope you can make a few.

We are currently at the top of the leader board for the Raise-Off, however we need all the support we can get to ensure we win. Please check out these events if you can!

Control Arms: Arm Wrestling Competition

26th Feb (Thursday)


CEILIDH– Red Cross, STAR, and Amnesty International.

2nd March (Monday)


Stop Violence Against Women Party: GOT TALENT?

8th March (Sunday)

HALT BAR (Woodlands road)

Invisible Children Screening: When Children Become Soldiers!

15th March (Sunday)

Williams Room (SRC Building)

Emergency Meeting

Hello all,

Sorry to spring this on you but as the current climate requires we must act quickly. If you can make this meeting please attend, we could do with as much support as possible.

2pm outside the library tomorrow (FRIDAY)

We are planning an event for next week (RAG week) and the following week hopefully a bigger demonstration and club night with OneVoice, Stop the War and Amnesty International.

Please if anyone has any reservations or issues with these plans please please email me as soon as possible. I want the whole societies opinions on every event we have so please contact me.

Thank you

Raise-off event proposals for 2009

Hello Ladies and gentlemen,

We have had a fantastic year so far, and we have an amazing total raised of almost £2,500. We must however not let oursleves get complacent there is everything to play for. I think that we should aim not only to win, but to blow the competition out of the water……….(in a non-aggresive Amnesty approved way of course)

So here we go, this is for us all to post our event ideas and disuss them over the christmas holidays. Watch this space as I will be kicking it off with four….yes four event ideas.

Happy blogging, can’t wait to hear about your exciting event ideas!

Campaign Ideas

Hey guys,

Exciting news, the main focus of Amnesty International for the month of November is STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN, so get you thinking caps on because we will be focusing our campaigns events during November on this issue.

There is a petition being organised worldwide for equality for women in Iran. I propose that we create our own petition between now and the 10th December, collecting both handprints and signitures to emphasise the STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN campaign??????? What do you guys think???

The main focus during December is the DEATH PENALTY, so again our events in December will mainly focus on this campaign. Get thinking guys we should get cracking