Change of Date for AGM

April 27, 2009 in information by Rachel

Hello everyone,
I am very very sorry to do this at such short notice but I must change the date of the annual general meeting. I must go to England tomorrow and therefore will not be able to attend the meeting- and as I HAVE to chair this meeting my only alternative is to switch the date to next Tuesday. I am very sorry to do this as I know that already this meeting is taking place too late in the year. I know we are encroaching on exam time and if this is a problem for anyone please let me know and perhaps we can work something else out.
However I must say this is important and if you can spare the hour next week to come along and vote- or indeed stand for a position please do so. The society cannot run effectively without a strong committee, so we need everyone to come to this meeting in order that the best people are given the roles.
Once again I am extremely sorry for the change in dates, and I wish you all much luck in your exams.