Invisible Children: The Rescue

March 30, 2009 in events, invisible children by Rachel

Hello all,

the time to take action has finally arrived. It is exam time I realise this but please if you can spare some time tell everyone your close to about this event. We must must must let people know about it.

I am calling on all of you to gather at my flat on Thursday at 5pm so we can get a well known face to rescue Joseph Kony’s child soldiers. We will be dabbling with the force of you tube in ways you can’t imagine in order to get the doctor….yes the doctor to come and rescue us.

247 West Princes Street, Glasgow, 5pm- everyone will make their own version of the rescue plea to Mr David Tennant to ask him to come and help us with our rescue in Edinburgh on the 25th APRIL. Please if you can make it come along, we need as many faces as posisble to ensure he takes our plea seriously.


Rachel xx