2014-15 Plans, Part Trois

April 1, 2014 in information, main by Rob Hallam

Hey hey hey,

I’m sure by now you’ve read the first two parts of these plans. I hope to introduce the rest of the committee here so you can benefit from knowing who they are, what they’ll be doing, and what suggestions they made for how to change the society.

Campaigns Officer: Alex Pancheva

Alex Pancheva

Alex prepares to cast a spell to dazzle a room of keen Amnesty members.

Alex joined us this year as an ordinary board member, and before even that she had ideas for the Day of Silence / Jamnesty and a general keen interest an all things human rights. Her suggestions are aimed at ensuring members in meetings are never bored and always have something to kep them busy: ‘hot seating’, where everyone has to change seats at least once per minute; three presentations / guest speakers / workshops to run simultaneously; and a free packet of Proplus to be issued to everyone in attendance at the start of the meeting.

Alex has kindly offered to organise, plan and run the proposed 161 campaigns for next year.

Fundraising Officer: Nikola Cabanová

Nikola Cabanová

It is a little-known fact that Nikola’s hair is magical and grants her the power to fly.

Previously Publicity Officer, Nikola mobdro free download was known for kindly offering to permit her flat to be used for getting decorations made (like the 1000 sq ft Amnesty canvas which covered the Library and Fraser building during Fresher’s Week last year), and for storing materials (paper, card, sheets, fabric, several thousand litres of paint). She has proposed a ew changes to fundraisers, mainly aimed at getting more money from them: autographed photos of committee members, a new line of GUAI merchandise and apparel, and a two-drink minimum at bake sale stalls.

Nikola has kindly offered to do a charity abseil down the Boyd Orr building to paint a giant barbed-wire candle on the facade.

Publicity Officer: Milia Hau

Milia Hau

Milia [left] wonders Ellen [right] has suddenly turned to, ready to catch with her right hand.

Milia comes to the committee from being an integral part of the SPB team laast year, where she organised the lighted champagne fountains we all enjoyed so much. She has proposed some quite unorthodox changes to enhance the publicity the society should have: a mandatory GU Amnesty Uniform, “GUAI 4 Life” tattoos, and 1984-style telescreens to monitor and enhance promotion of the group.

Milia has kindly offered to do simultaeous translations of meetings into five languages. M’Goi!

Press Officer: Bex Corbett

Bex Corbett

Bex supports all the new ideas and changes… proposed by Bex.

Bex comes to use from a background of GUST, journalism, blogging and high-stakes poker Mobdro Online TV in Las Vegas. It was her idea to expand on what we do in terms of promoting ourselves as a society; and the proposed establishment of a printing press and London offices will hopefully be ready in time for the first August edtion of the GU Amnesty Picayune, competitively priced at five British pence: “No other paper brings you more for less for more!”

Bex has kindly offered to persuade her good friend John Sessions to join our media team.

Website Officer: Siuan Portier

Siuan Portier

Little do they realise that Siuan [left] has slipped a live grenade into Catherine’s [middle] handbag. What merry japes!

Siuan is rejoining us from her year abroad, where she has spent her time travelling through Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, and Miami on a single cylinder 500cc Norton known as La Poderosa. She has been the most vocal during the proposed changes and improvements, suggesting over two hundred new additions to the year.

Siuan has kindly offered to be our ambassador to South America.

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