2014-15 Plans, Part the Second

April 1, 2014 in information, main by Rob Hallam

Goodest afternoonage to all and sundry,

Following on from Part 1, I wanted to continue describing some of the changes next year. But it’s also important to get a feel for the new committee, without whom these changes would not be happening.

Vice-President Duncan McNab

Duncan McNab

Duncan keeping an eye on things at the SPB afterparty.

Duncan has also been with the society for many years, learning the ropes and biding his time. In his previous role as Treasurer his creative bookkeeping and offshore accounts saved us money that ended up going towards the Raise-Off! well done to Duncan. Incidentally, he later successfully used the same techniques for technology companies such as Google, Amazon and Apple so that they could continue to do the ecellent work that they do.

Duncan has kindly agreed to be the President’s Malcom Tucker-style enforcer.

Domi Bacanskaite

Domi’s reaction to the proposed changes for this year.

Domi is our secretary and responsible for handling emails, posting letters, receiving faxes, mucking out after the pidgeons, producing our supply of invisible ink, and ensuring the Enteral Spirit Flame of Vigilance used for smoke signals never goes out. The last item may be the most important, as it is the only thing that keeps Bel-Shamharoth at bay. Domi is not only our secretary but also SRC Clubs and Societies Officer, having been elected on a campaign that happily and unusually avoided the usual handing out of sweets, harrassing of voters and assassination of other candidates.

Domi has kindly agreed to organise daily GU Amnesty socials.

Treasurer Jana Sweeney

Jana Sweeney

Jana loves to pull these subtle poses when she thinks the camera is on her.

Jana is our Treasurer, and as such is reponsible for handling they money in our petty cash, society banking, and Swiss/Cayman accounts. She has joined us as Treasurer as she has accounting aspirations; and is in fact planning to later go on do a 47-month intensive training course with the Kuàijì Monks of Beancounting Monastery in remote Tibet. We wish her luck with that when the time comes. She has requested that her position be renamed “Banana Officer” for obvious reasons.

Jana has kindly agreed to take over all official photography and will soon be purchasing a Canon 1DX to that end.

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