Pub Quiz and Student Conference

November 10, 2012 in main by Martin Lennon

Hey everyone,

Pub Quiz

Me and Nathan are just putting the final touches on tomorrow’s quiz. It is really shaping up to be a great night, I know we’ve not done a lot to promote it but it just means you guys have to bring even more of your friends along. It’s at 7:30pm tomorrow in Jim’s Bar of the QMU. Entry is £3.

Student Conference

The Student Conference is next weekend and we need someone to go down to accept an award on behalf of the group. I want you to be that person. Yes, you. Specifically YOU.

These away trips with Amnesty are fantastic. Everyone who has been to one has they same thing to say about them – they are an amazing expereince where you meet other Amnesty activists from all over the UK and make some really amazing friends. I cannot recommend that you go enough. Everyone on the committee has either work, parents visiting, deadlines or dissertation deadlines looming this weekend. It’s just fallen at the wrong time for any of us to go down.

The group is now willing to pay someone’s registration fee for the conference, meaning all you need to pay for is transport down to London and back. Accommodation, food, everything else is all going to be paid for you. If no one else wants to go I am going to go down (and have a great time while I’m down there but), it will mean a very big strain on my time before a major dissertation deadline.

See you guys tomorrow at the Pub Quiz,