Remembrance Sunday, Pub Quiz, and Coming Up

November 12, 2012 in main by Martin Lennon

Hey gang,

Last night’s pub quiz was a rampant success. The turnout was impressive, the banner was fluid and the funds were raised. Over £160 went straight into the Raise off account just from last night – more than 24 university groups raised all last year! But even as we plan Nathan and I’s imminent break into the game show hosting industry, we have another full week ahead of us, starting as we always do at 5pm on Tuesday in Committee Room 1 of the QMU.

This Week’s Meeting:

We have, as always a good range of Amnesty fun lined up for you fine people this week:

– Yesterday was Rememberence Sunday, as I am sure you are all aware, to mark the occasion Nathan is going to give a presentation on Human Rights in the context of war. – Jana is hoping to have a table making Christmas Cards for us to add to our increasing merch range and also because Christmas is awesome. – Siuan and Ruth are going to be putting the final touches to the backdrop that we are going to use for the conflict minerals campaign video, which we will be (finally) filming next week – Cat is going to be finishing the main footage for her own video project on activism, we’re going to have a second room booked for this (we’re slowly just taking over the QMU) but it won’t start until after Nathan’s presentation

Coming Up:

We’ve unfortunately had to postpone the Dialectic Society event until next term. We just couldn’t get a suitable room booked in time, but we are all really keen to get this event off of the ground next term. Still, there is always plenty to look forward to on the horizon including:

– 16-18th November UK Student Conference – 21st November Dialectic Panel Dicsussion – 27th November SPB Screening and Christmas Party – 26th November Reclaim the Night March – 9th February Secret Policeman’s Ball

Thanks for coming last night guys and see you tomorrow,