Updates and SPB Success!

January 23, 2011 in events, information by megiana

Hello everyone,

I think you will all agree that Saturday went above and beyond what we hoped for! I cannot express enough how much all the help in the run up (flyering, cakes, ticket selling, raffle prize collecting), and help during the evening (setting up/clearing away, manning the door, raffle tickets selling) was appreciated. A ginormous THANK YOU to you all – we definitely pulled together as a team and we should all be very proud of ourselves.

So to get down to it, and drum roll please – the amount of money raised (as it stands just now, we think there’s a little more to come) is the absolutely fantastic amount of £1,414!!!!! What an amazing amount of money that Amnesty International is going to benefit from!

So, I’m exhausted! And I’m sure you all are too – and that’s why we’ve decided to take a wee break from being super human beings and from organising/planning anything new, by having a much more informal, relaxed meeting tomorrow.

Tuesday 25th January, Meeting, 5pm, QMU: We shall be showing a documentary on the 2003 Liberian civil war. “Pray the Devil Back to Hell”. Biscuits and other tasty snacks shall be provided and this shall be followed by a celebratory drink in Jims Bar.

For more info follow: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/pray-the-devil-back-to-hell/episode-guide/series-1/episode-1

However, this well deserved break can only last for one week as we have lots coming up:

What’s Coming up in GU Amnesty:

Sleep out week, 21st-27th February: in collaboration with STAR. We shall be holding a sleep out one evening during this week and shall be looking to out together a team of people who are interested in helping to organise this.

Gaza 2 years on: After last weeks introduction we shall be arranging a carefully thought out event/action around this issue. Again, looking for a team of people.

Scottish Parliament Elections: I have contacted the Scottish office and they inform me that full candidate listings will be released on Wednesday (26th Jan) and they shall be sending all relevant information immediately to me. This means that next weeks meeting shall see us making a start on this very exciting opportunity.


Hope to see some of you tomorrow and just want to say once again – thank you thank you thank you for all the incredible hard work!

Best wishes,
Megan and GU Amnesty.