AGM 2014-15 Results!

We had our AGM tonight and have elected the new committee!

President – Rob Hallam
Vice President – Duncan McNab
Secretary – Domi Bacanskaite
Treasurer – Jana Sweeney
Campaigns Coordinator – Alex Pancheva
Fundraising Officer – Nikola Cabanova
Publicity Officer – Milia Hau
Press Officer – Rebecca Corbett
Website Manager – Siuan Poirteir

Two ordinary board members will be elected at the beginning of the academic year.

Congrats to everyone! 🙂

GU Amnesty Committee Meeting 21/11/07 – Minutes


– stall on Wednesday 5th.
– setup – Helen H, Dawn, Sinead
– Sandwich boards for photos
– Dawn to find out what we do with the photos afterwards
– sweets/food?
– Unsubscribe workshop for next week’s meeting.


– Helen H to contact Star
– Venue – union? bar money? talk to QMU.
– Band – Dawn to email Andrew. Everyone to ask around.


– Emma to contact Falun Gong lady – get details from Helen S
– China exhibition, irrepressible.


– “breaking news” on
– Subcity radio – Dawn to find out.


– discussion about responsible campaigning next week or week after.

Rob Hallam

GU Amnesty Committee Meeting 14/11/07 – Minutes

Minutes from committee meeting Wednesday 7/11/07

For next meeting

Word AIDS day – GUCU event.

School group

o Anyone interested in starting it up?

o EMMA to find email and contact them.

Human Rights Day – what shall we do?

Comedy night

o Who’s coming?

o EMMA to send out via mailing list


ROBERT to look at options for improved mailing list and possibly a committee blog

EMMA to email SRC about server information.

JONNY to email mailing list about new Amnesty report

HELEN to update Google Calendar with World AIDS day, Human Rights Day, etc.

Rob Hallam

GU Amnesty Committee Meeting 7/11/07 – Minutes

Minutes from committee meeting Wednesday 7/11/07

Student conference:

Tickets to be booked by individuals asap

How many are going?

DAWN to find diamond trade leaflets


RACHEL to speak to QMU about open mic night at end of Nov/early Dec. Possibility of having an actual band at the end?

Comedy night – numbers

Reclaim the Night march

Speakers – Burma? Email and ask.

Social or events convenor? – does this involve a change to the constitution?


EMMA to talk about ethical investment

Campaigns in a hat – conflict diamond trade, control arms, child soldiers

Discussion in groups and an idea for an awareness event

Discuss possible unsubscribe stall outside QMU.

Guardian article

DAWN to find stats about petitions etc


EMMA to email Guardian.