Round Up: The Final LGBT Rights Campaign Meeting (Tuesday 29th October)

October 30, 2013 in information, main, meetings by Dominyka

Hey everyone!

Yesterday we had our final LGBT Rights campaign meeting – which left some of us wondering where October went… There were some great events over the month though, so it’s not something to be upset about!

To remember why we chose this as our first campaign, and why a special focus on Russia is needed, we turned to the recent BBC’s documentary Stephen Fry: Out There. The excerpt we watched focused on Russia and featured both members of the gay community that face violence and laws against them, and people that make such laws, namely a Russian politician Vitaly Monolov who initiated a ban on ‘propaganda of homosexuality’ among minors in Saint Petersburg back in 2012.

This was followed by some letter writing: we addressed the International Olympic Committee, which will receive the letters together with our photos (Rob made sure that those of you who haven’t had a chance before got their pictures taken!), and the companies sponsoring the Games, such as Coca-Cola and McDonald’s.

We also had a look at the previous Secret Policeman’s Ball posters to encourage everyone to take part in the design competition!

Our first campaign being over definitely doesn’t mean we’re finished and never looking back at it again! Wednesday 20th November will be our Day of Silence, when we symbolically (or not) take a form of silence to demonstrate solidarity and draw attention to LGBT-related harassment, bullying, and persecution around the world. We have agreed to look into the options of white t-shirts and stickers for the occasion. The silence will be broken at our ‘Love is a Human Right’ Jamnesty gig which you’ve all probably heard about by now, but if not, check it out and get a cheaper ticket in advance!

The next meeting will see the start of the Women’s rights campaign – but you’ll hear more about this from Ruth in the upcoming newsletter!

See you soon,