GU Students for a Free Tibet Society – First Meeting!

October 11, 2013 in information by Ruth

Hi everyone,

This is a follow-up to the Tibet meeting that we had on 2nd October. For those of you who couldn’t attend, Theo’s documentary highlighted the ongoing suffering of Tibetans following the Chinese occupation of Tibet which very sadly has resulted in over 100 self-immolations. We also had Amie from Students for a Free Tibet (SFT) UK talk to us about how students are getting involved to raise awareness of the situation in Tibet as well as campaigning for Tibetan freedom and independence.

The hopeful outcome of this meeting was that we could start a GU Students for a Free Tibet group, so below are details of how to get involved. Also, Amie has provided an overview of the activities that she coordinates to give you an idea of the opportunities that would be available to you through SFT UK.

If you want to join, add yourself to the planning group on Facebook (or email us if you don’t have Facebook):


The first meeting will be next week.



[from Amie]

Okay so for starters, every year in the first weekend of Novemeber there is the Students for a free Tibet UK conference which brings together activists from all over the country to get concrete skills training for tibet. This year it’s at the University of Sussex on the 2nd and 3rd November!

Here are just some things you can expect from the workshops:

– Non Violent Direct Action – Campaigning – Sustaining / building your university group – Activism and technology – Fundraising – Updates from Tibet – And some amazing guest speakers

Tickets are £12 (early bird sale) however prices will go back to £15 in 3 weeks time so get your tickets fast!! This will include food, workshops and crash-pad accommodation for the weekend.

You can buy your tickets by making a donation with the reference “SFTUK national conference” and your name.

For more info contact:


Next thing would probably be the Annual Demonstration on March 10 which we have every year going from the Mound to Chinese consulate in Edinburgh. This march is seriously getting bigger and bigger so next year we hope to rev it up again. March 10 is the biggest day in the Tibet support calendar as it marks the day that China officially stood to occupy Tibet and the people rose up with a nationwide uprising. Unfortunately this led to a brutal crackdown and some half a million Tibetans were killed, imprisoned or sent into exile. So each year we do make it big!


And THEN, can’t believe I never even said about INDIA!

We have a FB page for people interested coming on our 2 week summer program to India to connect with the Tibetan community in Exile. Here’s the link/info

Welcome to the opportunity to discuss the incredible experience of the Edinburgh University India programme.

This is a once in a lifetime journey to Dharamsala, India; the seat of the Central Tibetan administration and the heart of the Tibet Freedom Movement in Exile. Here we are fortunate enough to take part in a 2 week Activism program hosted by Students for a Free Tibet India who give us in depth experience into the reality of issues affecting Tibet today, and how we can take effective action back home in Scotland. Whilst over there, we are blessed to meet so many leaders and Freedom fighters of the Tibetan struggle and to gain more inspiration and determination for the cause than ever before.

And you can find more info on it like what we do out there etc on website!


I hope many of you get involved! I will certainly attend the first few meetings to help support the society finding its feet.