Last Meeting of 2012!

November 26, 2012 in main by Martin Lennon

Hello all,

How are we? Good? Fantastic.

It’s our last weekly meeting of this term tomorrow. I, for one, am devastated. It has been a great term, we’ve made videos, we’ve made banners, we’ve baked and sold cakes, we’ve made tote bags, we’ve heard from some inspirational guests, we’ve watched films, we’ve even had a motion lodged in the Scottish Parliament! It’s been busy, it’s been productive and it’s been terrific. If you’re not coming along to the screening/ social tonight and I don’t see you before you go home – Merry Christmas. I’ll tell you happy New Year when we start back, as always at 5 pm first Tuesday of term in Committee Room 1 of the QMU.

This Week

This week’s meeting is a very chilled out affair. Tomorrow at 5pm we’re showing last year’s Secret Policeman’s Ball in the Williams Room of the John Mac and eating some popcorn and eating some bake sale treats. It was a really funny night and we’ve managed to edit the whole 4 hour extravaganza down to an hour and a bit of sheer gold. After it’s finished we’ll head down to Common Rooms where I’ve managed to blag some free food for us all.

Comedy, pub, food, free… all the boxes are ticked.

Coming Up

We’re hoping to a do a few week events during the exam period. Caroling was a big success last year and we have Human Rights Day during the exams so there are plenty of possibilities on the horizon. If we do plan anything we’ll be sure to let you know. Until then the big thing on the horizon is, as always:

– 9th February – Secret Policeman’s Ball

See you tomorrow,