Live From The Field

October 29, 2012 in main by Martin Lennon

Friends, Students, Activists,

Here we go again for another week of GU Amnesty fun. We’re back in our usual time and place, Tuesday 5pm in QMU Committee Room 1, and we’ve got a typically full and diverse meeting planned.

After seeing ‘Blood in the Mobile’ last week I know I’m feeling a bit more informed on conflict minerals and raring to go with it. Just as I’m writing this we’ve gotten a reply ffrom one of our Freedom of Information Requests. Updates will follow at tomorrow’s meeting.

This Week’s Meeting

It’s a veritable smorgasbord of a meeting this week:

– I’ll be doing a presentation on Forced Evictions. It’s related to the Roma Rights issue of a few weeks ago but in a more global context. – Louise, eager for your poster competition entries, will be doing a poster brainstorming session. – Robert and Cat will be doing some filming for Cat’s activist video – Ruth and Siuan will be making a backdrop for our Conflict Minerals campaign video

And last but not least – We’ll be pulling names out of a hat for who want to go collect our Raise-Off Award at the student conference in London.

Coming Up:

– 6th November – Guest Speaker at main meeting – Organ Harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners in China – 7th November Glasgow Human Rights Group Talk – 11th or 18th November – Pub Quiz in Jim’s Bar – 16-18th November UK Student Conference – 21st November Dialectic Panel Dicsussion – 27th November SPB Screening and Christmas Party

– 9th February Secret Policeman’s Ball!

I’ll see you guys tomorrow,