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November 29, 2010 in news by megiana

Hi everyone,

The arrival of all this snow has made me feel very festive and this weeks Amnesty happenings are a definite reflection of that!

Tuesday 30th November: Greetings cards – Amnesty UK’s annual greetings card campaign is underway and we’re also hoping to make some lovey Christmassy cards to sell on Friday so this Tuesday’s meeting well be nice a crafty. Come along to get creative and to send a message of hope to prisoners of conscience across the globe.

Friday 3rd December: Winter Folk Night, The Halt Bar, 7pm, Open Mic.


Friday 10th December: Troy Day – Edinburgh, 1.30pm


The 10th of December is human rights day and all the Scottish Uni Amnesty groups are gathering to hold a day of solidarity for Troy Davis. A group of us shall be travelling through, leaving Glasgow around 12pm. If anyone is interested follow this link:


for more information and sign up either on Tuesday or by getting back to me. Group discounts on the train!

I realise many people have exams and deadlines and it’s a bit of a rubbish time of year. If you’re lucky enough (like me) to be free though this should be a great day and a fantastic chance to get some justice for Troy Davis.

GU Amnesty.