Updates For Week of 4th October

October 3, 2010 in information by megiana

Hey guys,

Here’s the weekly updates, lots coming up!

The Gist:

  • Tuesday 5th October, 5pm, committee room 1, QMU: Death penalty campaign and raise-off ideas.
  • Letter-off team, The Hubb, 5pm, tomorrow (Monday 4th October)
  • Weekend away – please bring £20 deposit on Tuesday for accommodation
  • Wednesday 6th October, 5pm, Boyd Orr, level 4, lecture theatre B (412), Burma VJ screening.

The Low Down:

Tuesday’s Meeting

This week we shall be discussing Amnesty UK’s death penalty campaign with the hopes of arranging a demonstration. We shall also be looking at some raise-off ideas. For more information on the particular campaign visit http://www.amnesty.org.uk/content.asp?CategoryID=78.

Burma VJ Screening (Wednesday 6th October, 5pm, Boyd Orr, level 4, lecture theatre B (412))

Burma VJ

Burma VJ

After last weeks meeting many of you came up and asked about the possibility of watching the rest of the film, so we decided to host a screening to serve just that purpose! Come along to see the full document, a very worthwhile watch. If, however, anyone cannot make it on Wednesday then you are more than welcome to borrow my copy and pass it around.

Glasgow Vs Edinburgh Letter-off (11th-16th October)

For those of you who expressed an interest in our letter-off team this is a reminder of our meeting tomorrow at 5pm in the Hubb. If this is the first you’ve heard and you’re interested in getting involved in the letter-off team please get in touch or feel free to come along tomorrow.

Weekend Away (15th-17th October)

Our weekend to the Isle of Arran is fast approaching! Please bring £20 deposit along to the meeting on Tuesday and in return we shall provide you with some sponsor forms to get going on our mountain challenge. We still have a few spaces left so if anyone is interested in joining let us know!

Best wishes,
GU Amnesty.