Chinese Police Dressing As Monks

April 21, 2008 in campaigns, china, information by Rob Hallam

We were recently sent a number of images (shown after the jump) by someone close to what is going on in Tibet. I personally don’t want to identify them as it could potentially compromise their safety (whether this is likely or not is another debate, I dont think it’s worth the risk).  One of the images depicts what appears to be Chinese police (the People’s Armed Police – PAP) being distributed orange garbs. The text accompanying the pictures read:

Dear —-

In one picture you will see chinese young policemen with Tibetan monk’s robe in their hands. We heard chinese policemen are dressing themselves as Tibetan monks and Tibetan laymen and trying to create roits and voilence between Tibetans and Han chinese living in Tibet.

With love, —-.

Police dressing up as monks?

(click for larger version)

The insinuation is that there are Chinese servicemen who are mixing with the demonstrating monks who are then causing violence (which is subsequently seen around the world), so as to cast the demonstrators in a bad light.

The one particular image has circulated the internet to some extent already. There is a refutation on the China Daily website (link in English) which repeats CCTV claims that it was for a 2001 film, although this is of course problematic to verify. Essential Spirit also made mention of the image, and made the excellent point (in the comments) that even if that image is kosher – and it may or may not be – China is still suspected of dressing personnel as monks for disruption and evidence-gathering, and there are definitely ongoing abuses.

Military procession?

Another image we were sent. Military procession?

Someone is addressing the gathered personnel

Who are they holding?

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We aren’t sure what the other four images depict as no other information was given, though it seems to be some kind of military procession, possibly with demonstrators or other arrestees in tow. Make up your own mind, and if you have a better suggestion, leave a comment.

We have been sent other images, but these still need to be reviewed before they can be posted. The main point is to be aware that there are abuses ongoing in Tibet, and that all may not be as it seems (especially ‘rioting monks’).