by Emma

Guantánamo in the news

December 2, 2007 in news by Emma

The International Herald Tribune ran an article yesterday about the unfair trial of prisoners at Guantánamo bay. Defense lawyers preparing for the first Guantánamo prosecution to go to trial, possibly as soon as May, have been told that they may not tell their client the identities of witnesses against him. This violates the US sixth amendment right to face one’s accuser as well as the basic human right to fair trial.

Read the full article here: and watch this space for more news of the impending trial.

by Emma

New Nick Broomfield film calls on MPs to help change UK policy making refused asylum seekers destitute

December 1, 2007 in news by Emma

Still Human Still Here: The Destitution of Refused Asylum Seekers, produced by Nick Broomfield for Amnesty International, is the new campaign film aimed at parliamentarians which opens on the 4th of December.

The film aims to convince MPs of the need to change policy and support asylum seekers who are living in appalling circumstances of destitution and poverty.

You can view the full article here, or if you would like to order a copy of the film, go to