Tickets for Jamnesty 2014

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A ticket for the bands only costs £4; and one that includes the afterparty with guest DJs is £5.

Gig only – £4
Gig & Afterparty – £5

Ticket purchasing is powered by Stripe, who are also used by, Humble Bundle, Rackspace and many more. We decided to use Stripe after Google Checkout (which we used in the past) shut down. All processing of card details is done on Stripe’s secure server – we (GU Amnesty) never know your card number. If you have more questions about the process please contact

Thank you for your support; not only are you helping a cause and getting to see a night of comedy, you’re getting it cheaper now than on the night! Still have questions? Read on.

I want to know more about Jamnesty!

Excellent! You can find more info on our Jamnesty page.

So how much do tickets cost?

Tickets can be bought in advance for either £4 (entry for music only) or £5 (entry to gig and afterparty).

Alright. Where can I buy a ticket?

Tickets are on sale online securely using the form above. We use Stripe.

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